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Ferrari Approved is a pre-owned certification program designed to guarantee maximum security and peace of mind to owners purchasing Ferraris registered within the last 14 years.

Technical Inspection:

Owning a Ferrari is the realisation of a dream. It is an expression of passion for a brand that represents motoring history. Ferrari Approved cars are always monitored and in perfect condition. In fact, the programme comprises a series of wide-ranging checks and several guarantees:

– Detailed technical inspection by Ferrari technicians

– Verification of origin and maintenance history

– Presale preparation of the exterior and interior

– Ferrari guarantee of up to 24 months

– Ferrari roadside assistance of up to 24 months

Warranty and Assistance:

A Ferrari Approved car enjoys the Ferrari warranty and roadside assistance of up to 24 months. The assistance covers the cost of parts and labour for major repairs. A Ferrari Approved car has an unlimited mileage warranty, except for parts subject to routine maintenance, such as tyres, brake pads and brake discs, or normal wear and tear.

The assistance programme is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and includes:

– Assistance in the event of breakdown anywhere

– Travel and accommodation costs as well as transport to an official Ferrari dealer, wherever possible

– Rental car available during repair

If the journey cannot be continued, the driver and passengers will be promptly assisted.

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